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  1. My modest result for the last two weeks: The last two positions (copper) are still active. I plan to close them most likely next week.
  2. Hi guys, My nickname is Insider78. I am a simple trader like most of you. I live and work in Norway. My "trading journey" started in 2006 with some trading books which was the missing ignition in my story. I can describe my self like a day/swing trader. By the way i like to scalp on a 5 min - waiting for the next swing.) I start this thread to invite all traders who can partsipate and reveal their personal top results, strategeis, money management and mistakes. This can help us to improve our skills and avoid the most common mistakes and at least to help the others guys who start with theyr trading career. PS: Jeg snaker og skriver norsk so dere kan bresteme selv hvilken sprøk liker mest. )) Mvh. Insider78