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Har tegnet meg for endel i BIOCARE i dag, dette er ett forholdsvis nytt firma som foredler avfall fra blant annet laks.

Når en kjøper avskjær fra rund fisk og lager omega 3 tabeletter er fortjenesten enorm, så dette har jeg virkelig tro på fremover.

Tegningsfristen går ut i morgen :rolleyes:


Hofseth BioCare IPO

SEB Enskilda is acting as Sole Lead Manager and Bookrunner in the IPO of Hofseth BioCare.

Hofseth BioCare (HBC) is a Norwegian biomarine company with the key objective to provide high value added biomarine ingredients for human

applications. Through innovative production technology and logistics, HBC is able to preserve the quality of fish oil, protein and calcium extracted from

fresh fish off-cuts. Products that previously could only be used as animal feed are with HBC’s production technology made suitable for human

consumption and potentially pharmaceuticals

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