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Langt ut på sidelinjen...!


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Synes å huske at du hadde invistert i en aldri så sikker vinner som Laphroaig,.. Pirelli.


Vet ikke om du har smakt på den ennå, men i fall ikke, så er det flere gode hint i linkene herunder:



Now that January is behind us and winter whisky stocks, and whisky-related ideas may be running low - we bring you two quite different and innovative products to indulge your whisky interest. Enjoy!


1. Greater complexity and balance than many Single Malt Whiskies.

2. Whisky Galore The Film - For Whisky-minded Investors

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With best wishes from the Islay Whisky Society team.



1. Greater complexity and balance than many Single Malt Whiskies.


Most Single Malt enthusiasts prefer to stick with their favourite distillery than venture towards a Malt Scotch Whisky that has been created from whisky from more than one distillery, but.., there are significant signs of a renaissance of top quality vatted malts now available, and indeed most mainstream Single Malt Brands are themselves vattings of different casks, selected to produce a distillery's signature style.


Leading this renaissance is the award winning Compassbox, whose top quality malt whiskies are as rigorously selected as any Limited Edition single cask bottling.


In our specialist shop we feature their current 3 malts that display a lightly peated, medium peated and heavily peated style - and recommend them to any forward looking malt drinker for their quality and refreshingly modern, and stylish, appearance.


Great to drink, great as gifts and one of the editions is soon to disappear so a slight collectible option also exists.





2. Whisky Galore The Film - For Whisky-minded Investors


The Script has been completed, and Whisky Galore revivalist Iain Maclean will shortly be distributing this to some major Film Studios; When we publicised this investment option to our e-mail readers in late November, within days 140 people had asked for more information. After this mailout we will start compiling more information for all those who have signed-up to find out more. We think the way the remake is being seriously and painstakingly prepared that it could be an opportunity not to be missed - both so you can enter whisky celluloid history and also see some profit for your involvement. In case you missed this last time go to



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