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Simulator spill: Klarer du å time investering i markedet over tid?

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I disse tider så er det mye snakk rundt timing og hvilken strategi som fungerer best. Kom over et underholdende spill hvor du kan over en 3-års periode velge om du vil være investert eller sitte på penger. Målet er selvsagt å slå baseline som er at du var investert i hele perioden.

Klarer du å slå markedet? 

Spill: https://engaging-data.com/market-timing-game/

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Mitt resultat:


Results: Your ending balance is $159 298. This is 2% lower than if you had stayed fully invested in the market for the entire period (3 years). You underperformed the market by $1 750. This is not an unexpected result, because market timing isn't easy to do consistently. Your game used 3 years of S&P500 market data starting on 4/21/52. The market returned 61.0% during this period or 17.22% annually.


Skjermbilde 2020-05-02 kl. 06.43.49.png

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